Why choose Internel distributor S&OP?

When implementing sales and operation planning (S&OP) techniques, you want a team of experts you can trust.

We’ll steer your entire organisation in the same direction and get you where you need to be.

Businesses that adopt S&OP continually outperform those using traditional business management strategies. That’s why S&OP needs to be at the heart of every successful business, aligning every vessel in organisations along the same vital pathways.

With over 20 years experience developing distributor S&OP solutions, Internel are the team of experts you need on your side.
With the help of our S&OP specialists, many CPG/FMCG manufacturers have already sharpened their planning capabilities and increased sales. Let us help you make accurate forecasts, balance your supply chain, respond rapidly to challenges and seize opportunities in emerging markets.
Many businesses say that they’ve already tried S&OP with distributors and really struggled – despite great successes with own affiliates or sales subsidiaries.
This is because it’s hard to manage S&OP in the classical way when working with distributors in emerging markets. There are countless roadblocks to success: misunderstandings of S&OP methods, mistrust, differences of cultures and interests, unclear goals and sporadic review processes for all parties, to name a few.
That’s why Internel is crucial to your S&OP success with distributors.

You get the careful planning, in-depth knowledge and decades experience of our expert team.

We speak both languages, yours and your distributors’ and we make sure you get it right from the very start. With Internel, you don’t merely adopt S&OP but you become an S&OP top performer.

  • Integrated sales, marketing and operations plans around the globe
  • One set of numbers for operations and sales forecasts
  • Same targets and agreed actions across all planning arms
  • Mid- and long-term planning horizon (6 to 24 months)
  • Monthly planning activities based around an annual operations plan with Internel as neutral facilitator
  • Daisy S&OP innovation software with staff training
  • More efficient management of the entire supply chain
  • Accurate predictions of local demand in emerging markets
  • Balanced supply and demand
  • Reduced inventory levels for better turnover – for you and your distributors
  • Lower operational costs along the entire supply chain
  • Faster exchange of vital market intelligence
  • Shorter response times to market volatility, threats and opportunities

The future belongs to businesses that realise the need to integrate their 3rd party distributors and transform their common sales and operations planning. Don’t get left behind. Gain a competitive advantage with Internel’s S&OP experts. We are happy to hear from you.