S&OP success with Daisy

Daisy – software that manages your entire S&OP universe.

Daisy is an indispensable tool which gives manufacturer, exporters and their distributors the power to manage very aspect of their shared business. It will help you gain traction and momentum in fast-moving emerging markets.

While sales & operations planning (S&OP) is an all-encompassing, staged process, having the right technology is critical. Unfortunately, many companies are still using applications that are decades old – and exclude 3rd party distributors to this process completely. To make matters worse, data exchange between manufacturers and distributors are often done manually and sporadically. This results in lost sales opportunities in volatile emerging markets.

That’s where Daisy comes in:
The star of Internel’s S&OP service, Daisy innovation software integrates every arm of your company for breakthrough market performance. It allows both sides of the supply chain, you and your distributors, to manage every aspect of your common business – from local sales and marketing to procurement, inventory and shipping.
Daisy has been successfully employed by companies such as optical industry leader Alcon, connecting them with over 40 distributors. It turns ‘non-transparent blind spots’ into fully integrated distribution partners. These improvements in business transparency and operational efficiency have been crucial for Alcon’s success in emerging markets.
Through Daisy, goods manufacturers are finally able to accurately monitor achievements and local market behaviours. For local distributors, they get a powerful tool that enables efficient communication while allowing them to stay independent.
  • Integrated management of your entire supply chain
  • User-friendly, stand-alone application, no special IT knowledge necessary
  • Comprehensive system training provided by the Internel team
  • Regular system updates, user support, including hotline services
  • Greater supply chain visibility for all parties
  • Saved administration time and cost
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Better on-time delivery and Improved customer service
  • Increased staff productivity and sales performance
After working with Daisy, the client results are compelling and can be viewed in our case studies.

Daisy will help you predict your needs, shape your distributor supply chains to being able to respond instantaneously to sales challenges and opportunities. Contact us today so see what this powerful software package can do for your business in emerging markets.