Distributor S&OP

When conquering emerging markets, sales and operation planning (S&OP) is more important than ever.

Internel’s S&OP experts can boost your response capabilities to help you gain competitive advantage.

The competition to capture emerging markets is fierce. Though teeming with fast, exciting sales opportunities, emerging markets also have the most demand volatility. This is the major production and cost challenge for goods manufacturers. With one wrong step, you risk overstocked, undersold and destroyed product lines.

Internel distributor S&OP is a proven tool to get your business battle-equipped to take on emerging markets.
By aligning your manufacturer-distributor strategy, we boost your capacity to predict and respond to real-time threats and opportunities.
Working with a local distributor makes sense when you first enter an emerging market. Compared to opening your own local office, local distributors will do the groundwork and penetrate the market faster and at a much lower cost.
However, the manufacturer-distributor partnership is often uneasy and difficult.

Emerging markets today mean fierce competition. In these heightened circumstances, some manufacturers and distributors try to gain a quick short term advantage over the other.

The co-operation is often plagued by mistrust: manufacturers using sophisticated techniques for planning their internal management are afraid that the distributors will eventually work with a competitor, exclude them from joint planning, analysis and sharing sensitive data and consequently, use antiquated methods for managing distributors. Sales forecasts, budgets, purchase plans, price changes – are ‘passed on’ to the local distributor manually and sporadically. Instead of working collaboratively online, they use telephone conversations, e-mails and inefficient personal meetings. It’s a one-way street, with information moving only from distributor to manufacturer. This situation is disastrous in emerging markets where local knowledge, speed and costs are critical.  
Internel’s S&OP experts will bridge the gap between you and your local distributor.
We have spent more than 20 years developing S&OP solutions to help firms like Novartis, Alcon and Abbott and their distributors perfect their planning capabilities and increase local sales. Our S&OP experts connect with hundreds of independent product distributors in more than 50 emerging markets.
Key features of Internel distributor S&OP:
  • A neutral intermediary between you and your distributor
  • Integrated manufacturer and distributor planning
  • A single data model for balanced supply and demand
  • Daisy – Innovative distributor management application
Benefits of Internel distributor S&OP:
  • Complete integration of every arm of your business
  • Greater transparency for smoother manufacturer-distributor transactions
  • More efficient operation, communication and response times
  • Balanced supply and demand; reduced inventory levels for better turnover
  • More accurate forecasting of local demand
  • More responsive customer service
After implementing Internel distributor S&OP, the results of our clients are compelling and can be viewed in our case studies.

Internel’s S&OP experts help you thrive and succeed integrating distributors in emerging markets. Contact Us today to discuss what we can do for your business.