What’s your export industry?

In most industries, competition to capture emerging markets is fierce. A solid export strategy can mean the difference between succeeding and getting left behind.


Did you know that plastic optical glasses can fall foul of dual-use restrictions as they could be used for military purposes? Storing, shipping and distributing pharmaceuticals, optical and medical devices needs faultless compliance and a veteran logistics partner who can manage the entire process.

For over 20 years, we’ve managed the flow of more than 50,000 healthcare exports, to more than 50 countries, with a faultless compliance record.

At Internel, we’re an export veteran that speaks the language of the health and medical industry. We’ll get your shipment exported safely and seamlessly while complying with the highest sanitary standards.

Extra regulations and other restrictions mean extra effort obtaining the right export documentation. Wouldn’t you rather do it right?


Did you know that three out of four cars manufactured in Germany are sold to foreign countries? Did you know the different export requirements if a car is exported through a forwarder or by an own driver? Or that each vehicle, even if exported in bulk, needs its own export documentation?

It’s an export market where details matter, and documenting and tracking every aspect of the operation, down to the smallest spare part demands total commitment.

Would you like to know how our long expertise in exporting cars, trucks and commercial vehicles can help you jumpstart your international sales figures?


Germany is world-famous for its engineering prowess, but it also has tight dual use controls on the export of machinery. In fact, in addition to EU export controls, national export laws also apply. These include the foreign trade law, foreign trade regulations, as well as national weapon control laws.

This complex web of legal regulations has to be successfully navigated by exporters. It’s much more involved than simply getting a customs tariff number and preparing a shipment.

Instead of training an in house team, wouldn’t it be faster and more cost effective to outsource to an expert?

If you’d like to discover how we can help you reduce export costs, increase speed to market and control your shipping overheads – please get in touch get in touch with our export experts. We respond to all enquiries within 1 business day.