For fast, simple, seamless shipments, Internel are your go-to export partners. We specialise in difficult-to-reach destinations.

Complete and flawless documentation is key to your success when exporting to emerging markets. However, the maze of guidelines and regulations can be confusing, varying widely between countries and products. A single mistake can dampen your competitive edge and set you back weeks or even months.

That’s why it’s crucial to work with an export expert. For over 20 years, Internel have been the go-to export partners for goods companies from all major sectors.

Internel are experts in watertight documentation that helps businesses capture emerging markets.
With up-to-date knowledge, our team are on top of every market development and regulatory change. We monitor the entire process from beginning to end, especially at the customs stage. Most importantly, we manage exports in your name, saving you time and money.

We are a proud Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), certified and inspected by the German customs authorities. Apart from this privilege, we work with the customs system ATLAS to simplify and speed up all exports. Most importantly it allows us to manage your exports in your name. At Internel, we offer you an excellent 3-step-export service:

1. Export preparation
We help you:
  • classify goods within international customs tariffs
  • pre-screen products and receivers on world-wide sanction and terror lists
  • export restricted goods falling under dual-use regulations
2. Export document creation
We help you:
  • create invoices for shipping or customs – all complying with export law and in your name
  • obtain movement and customs preference certificates
  • obtain certificates of origins
  • prepare all other certificates needed for a smooth and efficient export
  • register export declarations through our certified customs software application
3. Export control
Internel will:
  • monitor your shipment at every stage of its journey for smooth, on-time delivery
  • supply you with EU border exit notifications (required for VAT purposes)
  • deliver timely updates on exports, possible challenges and their solutions
Saved time:
  • complete, mistake-free documentation means no supply chain delays
  • efficient document processing gets your goods in the marketplace faster
  • we visit customs and chambers of commerce on your behalf
  • our customs software application speeds up your export
  • our routine updates on regulation data saves you research time
Saved money:
  • you pass custom audits with flying colours and avoid penalties
  • smooth, flawless documentation means goods aren’t being stuck in the supply chain, with all their incurring costs
  • our work saves your employees time for other tasks

Future-proof your exports and contact Internel’s export experts today – we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.