Reverse logistics

An easy, user-friendly return process is important for customers of online retailers. Make handing returns a breeze with Internel’s e-fulfilment experts who can help you rise to this service challenge.

In the world of e-commerce, customers are “forced” to buy before they try. That means up to 30% of online orders are ultimately returned!

This situation makes the after-sales stage more important than ever – a smooth and painless return experience inspires trust and loyalty in customers.

That’s where Internel comes in:
We are experienced e-fulfilment experts who can deliver fast, problem-free returns of goods across borders. We operate a centralised distribution centre with access to customers all over Germany, Poland and Europe.

Many online retailers are directing returns to one of their many brick-and-mortar stores to be received, stored, re-packed and then forwarded to their EU distribution centre. Or even worse, consumers have to return online purchased parcels in such stores, keeping shop assistants tied up with products they have not sold in the first place. This wastes precious sales time and resources.

Internel offers an innovative, low-cost alternative for hassle-free customer returns with different service levels:
Tariff Service Service level Process details
Classic return point Administrative registry/parcel Receiving return parcel
Scanning order number
Scanning tracking number
Reporting inbound carrier
Importing full daily returns (csv, xml) to customer back-end
Advanced return check Return items scan & quantity check Opening return parcel
Scanning item codes
Scanning item quantity
Return items quality status check & return coding Visual control of returned item
Report control result, return reason codes and customer remarks
Professional return re-make Refurbishing return items Functional control of items
Re-packaging items to new plastic bags or boxes
Registration of re-works done
Handling and storage until re-sold or transferred
Efficient transfer to supplier Economical return to your EU return point Economical packing of individual returns to large master boxes 50x50x100cm
Daily/weekly shipment to your EU distribution centre

  • Easy national return point for all German and Polish online customer parcels
  • Fast parcel collection and forwarding to your distribution centre with massively reduced tariffs
  • Different return handling levels: from a simple and fast return point to a full return handling centre with item control, return reason coding in your system back-end, re-packaging and more

  • Your shop assistants have more time to spend on sales and their clients
  • A massively reduced cost of item returns
  • Better customer satisfaction – customers have a simple, unique national return point and faster returns

Spare you and your consumers in Germany and Poland the hassle – trust your returns to a partner who manages them economically and efficiently for you. Contact us today for more information and to discuss how we can support you.

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