Brexit a great chance for sales growth

Brexit – not only a threat, but a great chance for further sales growth with lower distribution costs

According to a recent report of the industry association e-commerce Europe, the EU’s online business was worth > € 600 billion in 2017, a growth rate of 14% growth rate vs. 2016. Several factors are driving the EU’s impressive e-commerce growth:

  • Less mature countries in Europe like Poland, Ukraine and Romania are experiencing booming online sales of > 25% last year.
  • Young EU consumers – with more and more purchasing power – are virtually storming e-shops: two-thirds of consumers between 16 – 24 years are shopping online frequently, whereas only one-third of consumers between 55 – 77 years of age do so.

However, the report outlines also the major challenges to be mastered, being the speed of delivery (17%), followed by technical issues (13%) and damaged goods at arrival (9%).  And on top of these classic logistics challenges, there lays an imminent threat for UK e-retailers: a probable hard Brexit.

In 2016, the UK accounted for a third of all EU e-sales, now faced with the possible trade restrictions, cross-border challenges such as customs and delivery delays to and from Britain. Even surcharges on cross-border shipments became probable.

So where do you stand? Have you already started to work on reviewing your transportation and logistics arrangements to understand where responsibilities lie for potential delays at customs?

Well, Brexit is a fact, so why not consider this event a great chance to growth your business and manage your current UK distribution from the European mainland?

Teaming up with Internel this year will provide the necessary individualised distribution and shipping solutions, customised to you and your e-shop customers’ needs – fast, reliable and highly efficient. And here the advantages of our service to your business:

Internel central location  -> low freight and distribution charges for your business

  • Internel’s German consolidation & distribution centre is centrally located in the Rhine-Main area, almost next door to the Frankfurt airport – Europe´s busiest cargo airport.
  • You will benefit directly from the reduced freight and courier service rates.

We’re happy to advise, that nowhere else in Europe the principle of supply and demand – thus high freight volumes and lots of competing carriers – results in such an economic advantage for e-traders.

Internel versatility  ->  your maximum flexibility

We are based in an established industrial park with warehouse space that conforms to the highest standards, perfectly suitable for your goods regardless of consolidation, picking, packing and/or storage needs. From manual assembly, consolidated and highly economical international shipping to efficient consumer return processes – we will create reliable and flexible results for you.

Whatever your distribution requirements – our scope of service covers an extensive range of services to include your business needs.

The following link will outline in less than 1 minute our innovative service and the results for your business: BREXIT SOLUTION

We are happy to hear from you, to discuss how we can ensure a highly economical, uninterrupted distribution from Germany – including sales to export growth markets outside of the EU.

Or get in touch today, to see how we can increase your sales growth.


Brexit a great chance for sales growth